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Is "coding for kids" the same as "computer programming for kids"?

Computer programming for kids

Code is the language of computers, and computer programs are things like software, apps, and websites.

So, are coding and computer programming the same thing?

Great question. Computers know how to run software, apps, and websites by following a set of instructions. These sets of instructions are called programs, and they're written in code. When you code, you talk to computers and tell them what to do!

Wait a second: Coding is writing computer programs?

Exactly! So, coding and computer programming are the same thing.

From major tech giants like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg to supermodels like Karlie Kloss, there's a lot of emphasis on the importance of learning to code these days. Big organizations creating the buzz, like and Black Girls Code, focus on "coding" instead of "computer programming."

But if they're the same thing, why are people using the word "coding" to drive the movement instead of "computer programming"?

There's an argument that it's because "coding" is shorter. That's valid.

There's also some that may say "coding" sounds ~cooler~ than "computer programming." (Bitsbox thinks both sound equally awesome.)

Personally, I think "coding" sounds more beginner-friendly. Organizations driving the movement want to make computer programming as approachable as possible. At Bitsbox, we're getting kids as young as 6 to code and the last thing we want to do is intimidate beginners, which is why we most often use the word "coding".

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Emma Erickson
About the author: Emma is a writer, T-Swift's #1 fan, and the Social Butterfly at Bitsbox. You can usually find her in the snack closet.
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