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Free and easy code games for Hour of Code

Super Plumber Jumper
Building games with code is easy when you have Bitsbox. All you need is a computer, a brain, and an app project!

In Bitsbox, kids code real apps using real JavaScript! Kids build the apps on our website and then play them on any mobile device. They can create games, simulations, puzzles, and more! Keep reading if you want to find out how building an app works in Bitsbox!

Here, I've broken down one of my favorite Bitsbox apps, Super Plumber Jumper. First, we build the environment of the app. Then, we add movement and obstacles. And, finally, we add an objective and a bad guy!

(Hate waiting? Play the finished app here!)

Let's start with Part 1 of the code: Platforms and a Plumber!

Code from Part 1

This code sets the scene—rolling hills with seemingly harmless platforms—and introduces our fearless hero. Now, wherever your mouse (or finger, if you're on mobile) goes, the plumber follows!

Part 2: Gravity and Infinite Platforms!

Code from Part 2

Mr. Plumber isn't so invincible after all! Now he's working against a few things: namely, gravity and endless platforms.

Now, for the fun part…

Part 3: Coins (good) and Poop (bad)!

Code from Part 3

Collect the coins to give the plumber a big boost!

Part 4: Music and Untimely Death!

Code from Part 4

Alas, every plumber's kryptonite: poop. Keep track of the coins you've collected and dodge the deadly dung!

Customize your game!

Every Bitsbox app is entirely customizable. We have thousands of assets available in the Bitsbox Library. Want to collect hamsters instead of coins? Or change the face of your hero? It's easy to tailor every aspect of this game!

If you're ready to flex your supercoding powers, download this PDF of Super Plumber Jumper, make a free Bitsbox coding account, and get creating!

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Emma Erickson
About the author: Emma is a writer, T-Swift's #1 fan, and the Social Butterfly at Bitsbox. You can usually find her in the snack closet.
Join thousands of grownups who get articles on teaching kids to love coding.